LCN365 Day 366: Happy Feet Heel Cushion

Tonight at midnight we will bring in the new year! With all the festivities planned don’t allow sore feet to hold you back from the celebration.  LCN’s Happy Feel Heel Cushion will provide your feet with the comfort they need to last all night in your favorite shoes! This gel pad heel cushion is suitable for the rear part of the feet and will relieve pressure in high heels or when standing for a long time!  These pads are also reusable and washable for future use in the new year!

LCN365 Day 365: Reposan

The winter is always harsh on our skin.  Now we’ve got a product that will provide regenerating skin protection for weakened skin.  Containing shea butter, plant oils, D-panthenol and Bisabolol, this revitalizing cream is a great product for winter skin regimens.

LCN365 Day 364: SPA Goa Hand Scrub

Before the new year officially arrives, treat yourself with a little bit of India! LCN’s SPA Goa Hand Scrub is a stimulating sugar peeling that contains many trace elements as well as creates beautiful and even skin.  In addition, the Hand Scrub intensively nourishes due to the Vitamin E beads.  For proper application, distribute a small amount on wet skin and massage well.  Immediately the sugar will start to melt and clean the skin.  Once the sugar is melted, rinse off with water.  The SPA Goa will be one of your favorite end of the year treats.  

LCN365 Day 363: Under the Tuscan Sun Gift Set

As end of the year quickly approaches, treat yourself with a fulfilling trip to Tuscany - without ever leaving your house! With this decadent collections of LCN products, you may pamper yourself with the restorative and moisturizing properties of all natural olive oil.  With the Under the Tuscan Sun Gift Set, your hands and body will feel and smell great after using our Olive Care line.  And to complete your fascinating journey, make sure to use the beautiful polishes included in the gift set: Wistful Wine, Attractive Nude, Eternal Flame & Fanappleistic as well as the versatile 7-in-1 Nail Recovery Wonder.  

Don’t forget every order receives a FREE Holiday Nail Polish Duo and we have four additional, beautiful gifts for you to choose from. Your choices are: a holiday White Tea Hand Cream, 25ml and Nail Oil, 8ml; a holiday Olive Hand Lotion, 25ml and Nail Oil; Man Hand Gel, 50ml and Man File Set;another Gold and Silver Nail Polish, 8ml.

LCN365 Day 362: Bordeauxlicious, Magnetic Nail Polish

Our beautiful Bordeauxlicious is now available as a stunning magnetic nail polish!  You may enjoy the beautiful deep red wine colour with a fabulous magnetic design! The best of both worlds!  

LCN365 Day 361: Red Wine Foot Bath

Most of the holiday fever has died down and all you want to do is relax.  Treat yourself with LCN’s moisturizing Red Wine Foot Bath.  Relieving and draining with chestnut, birch tree and red grape leaf.  The Red Wine leaf, conker and birch extracts within the bath also clean the skin and prepares it gently for treatment.   The Red Wine Foot Bath will also stimulate blood circulation as well as calm irritated skin.

LCN365 Day 360: Hand Massage Oil

Merry Christmas from LCN! With all the busy holiday activities you may need a massage to relax.  The LCN Hand Massage Oil is a rich massage oil for the hands and body. Enriched with an assortment of vitamins, the Hand Massage Oil will make sure your holiday massage is the best gift you will receive.

LCN365 Day 359: Green & Red Body Glitter

If you are attending any holiday festivities tonight, why not express your holiday spirit with LCN’s red and green body glitter.  The classic holiday colors will look great in a nice design accessorizing  your new Little Black Dress! This year celebrate with style!

LCN365 Day 358: Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Polish

The holidays are all about the mistletoe. This holiday season celebrate with LCN’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe nail polish. This shimmery reddish-fuschia is one of those colours that will put you in the holiday season - simply stunning.

LCN365 Day 357: Nail Power

In preparation for the new year, strengthen your nails with LCN’s Nail Power.  Take control of your weak nails and go into the new year with a stronger grasp on life!